Green EventS@the Marsh


The History of the Marsh

The Marsh has been undergoing a 'green transformation' and restoration process since 1996.  The entire 40 acre property is protected by a permanent National Resources Conservation Services (NRSC) conservation easement through the Wetlands Reserve Program.  Greg and Mary Kay Williams along with their conservation partners have been restoring and caring for the land since 1991. Due to several major conservation restorations, they are happy to boast many migrating species that visit and inhabit the Marsh.  

Our Conservation Partners

In order to complete the restoration process the following partners have provided amazing support: 

  • Centre County Conservation Association
  • Clearwater Conservancy
  • Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Penn State Extension Master Gardeners of  Centre County 
  • Penns Valley Conservation Association (PVCA)
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture (National Resources Conservation Services (NRSC)
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Ongoing Environmental Education

 Greg and Mary Kay have been offering free environmental education programs since 2000. They work with amazing volunteers to provide ongoing educational programs on a variety of conservation and stewardship programs. They are proud to have educated over 7,000 elementary and high school students at the Marsh! Also, many adults and visitors love this special place. 

Your Guests will Enjoy Nature

Imagine how thrilled your guests will be to reconnect with nature in a Green facility and grounds.  Many migrating birds and animals are viewed from the property and your guests will love the natural beauty of the landscape.   

Green Facility

  • The barn has locally sourced lumber and built by local Amish craftsmen. 
  • We have a 10 KW solar array that provides 100% of the facilities energy. 
  • We strive for a zero waste facility and therefore offer a recycling and composting program for all events.